I did some head-shots for my friends niece back in 2012. Still struggling to get out for a full day of shooting because of work and podcasting commitments but hoping to get some new stuff sooner than later. Until then [...]

Aaron Swartz

R.I.P. Aaron

Today I watched the amazing documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy” and it was brilliant. This photo is the aftermath in tissues because it was a bit of a tear jerker for me. I knew of Aaron since he came on [...]

Steve Isaacs

Steve Isaacs

I got to work with Steve at BLT before the place imploded in a pile of sadness, tears, and incompetence. We did a photoshoot not long after we were both unemployed. You can check out more about Steve on his [...]

Ashton Vuitton & Scotty Young

Selfie with Bestie

Ashton Vuitton takes a selfie with Scotty Young who wasn’t too thrilled about the endeavor at “Deliverance”, the Resistance Pro Wrestling show from Friday the 13th this year.

Robert Fogarty

Hemingway? No way!

I’m still working on the newer stuff so in the meantime I’m posting a few photos from the “dark years” when this website was offline. This is a shot from October 27th, 2012 of my dear friend Robert Fogarty as [...]

Brian Schulmeister

A Grumpy Old Geek

This is a previously unpublished shot of my great old friend Brian Schulmeister, who also happens to be my co-host on Grumpy Old Geeks. In early 2013 I was going on a trip to North Korea with my friend Jordan [...]


Jocephus waits to wrestle

Jocephus from Resistance Pro Wrestling waits to wrestle. This was the first night I took out my new Nikon D7100. I shot this handheld from the front row. It’s a little grainy since I was shooting at 6400 and testing [...]